lunedì 7 gennaio 2019

Shopping on Chicgostyle

Hi everybody! Today I just want to talk you a bout a new internet site I discovered to buy dresses. Its name is Chicgostyle  and it's very nice, full of offers. Let's start with something interesting about it and some information.
You can buy wherever you are because the shipping is worldwide and free over 59 $ . The prices are in dollars so in Italy you have to "tralslate" the prices in euros. Now there are a lot of offers on the site, even 70% off many things, So my suggestion is to have a look as I did. There's already the new collection available, just to see what will arrive this spring. The site ids very easy to visit: the objects are divided into section (dresses, bottoms, shoes, accessories ans so on): there are also swiwear and lingerie. If ypu want to make a nice present to your husband or father or borther you can have a look at men's suit.

That's what I liked most: in the section about fashion blazers I liked  many occasions both fot the spring that for the winter. Many of them are smart, many you can wear when you go to work to the office or everyday. The choice is very very wide. This is what I liked mostly, this  narrow notch laped blazer in grey, so nice, so elegant so easy to dress even on jeans, don't you think so?

Narrow Notch Lapel Blazers

Now it's in big discount and it's also easy to find your size because of the tables in every single wear on the site. You have to know which is the measure of the lengh, the bust and the sleeves to see which one suits you the best. I liked also the fact that you can find many many photos of the same article so you can have the right vision about it in all its sides.
The other one I fell in love with is this  notch lapel single breasted plain blazer, so bon ton!

Notch Lapel  Single Breasted  Plain Blazers

Also this one is in big discount and it's also in pink. I think it's perfect when you want to be smart, but not so much and also I can wear it because it's not so long but over knees.

The other section I had a look at was women hoodies on sale a very rich section with many interesting things. Also in this section now there are a lot of discounts and you can find occasions! I liked mostly a couple of things.  First of all this ....

Lapel  Kangaroo Pocket Hoodies
It's a lapel kangaroo pocket hoodies and I was interested in the very particular neck because I don't like to have my neck too cold and I think it's perfect in winter! Here you can choose between many colours, I liked also the green one.
The other one is for my daughter, she likes unicorn and she would be crazy about it...

Hooded  Cutout Drawstring Patchwork  Printed Hoodies

Now you can find it in big discount and it's available also in grey or black. I don't know which one to choose...
So, I hope I gave you nice suggestions for your shopping, let me know if you would buy something!