domenica 16 dicembre 2018

Shopping for babies on Popreal

Hi everybody! As may of you know I become mother for the second time since one month, so now I'm looking for some nice dresses for my new baby on internet. So I'm serching for newborn baby boy clothes sets and I fell in love with these products.

Bow Tie Decorated Suit Vest Trouser Sets

This suit is so nice that I was really entusiastic about it! Very very particular, you can choose into three different colours and it's easy to find the size. I chose this one in color caramel, because it's smart. 
The quality of the materials it's good and it's easy also to navigate on the site.

And what about this one for this period.....I LOVE IT!
But I also have a baby girl who is 4 years old who is crazy for dressing!! So I had a look at newborn baby girl clothes and there are great offers and nice dresses. I had a look with her and she chose some nice things.

Reindeer Pattern Plaid Top Trouser Sets

This is perfect for this period and she has the school party for Christmas so she wanted to dress something new! I also wanted to buy something for the holidays for me and here you are

I think this is a very nice set, you can wear it also in other period apart from Christmas. And another funny present is this set for all my family

Christmas Reindeer Pattern Color Block Family Pajamas

Don't you think it is very funny...this will be a surprise . 
So what do you think about these products, please let me know.

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