venerdì 21 settembre 2018

Do you know BerryLook?

The autumn is almost arrived , so which is the best thing to do to afford the sadness of telling goodbye to the summer? Doing some shopping! I'm sure it could be a great cure. 
I ha d a look to one site which sells a lot of articles: dresses, accessories, shoes, both for men and women. I found many nice things and I just wanted to show you some of them. Its name is BerryLook.
Forst of all I was looking for a new fashion hoodies, just to stay very comfortable during these evenigs at home. Isn't nice to wear a warm hoodie when you go back at home? The prices are very interesting : there are a lot of discounts, there are many models you can choose, I fall in love with an hoodie with a cat printed on it, all in black. And I also loved one made all in velvet, in a beautiful green. Look at this one how nice is!

Round Neck  Printed  Long Sleeve Sweatshirts

And this one must be comfortable too!
Hooded  Patch Pocket Snap Front  Plain Hoodies

In this period I need a pair of boot. So I had a look in the section women's fashion boots and tried to get some inspiration. Also in this case the prices are very good and there are a loto of boots you can choose. You can use the size chart so you can get the right number for you; there are also different kinds of colour.
I fell in love with these...

Plain  Chunky  Low Heeled  Criss Cross  Round Toe  Casual Flat Boots
But also these in grey are very very nice.
Plain  Flat  Round Toe  Casual Date Outdoor Flat Boots
And if you want to dream you must really see the romantic dresses: they are so beautiful! Non the usual dresses nice but that you cannot wear in every occasion. Here there are wonderful dresses, very very romantic, you can use almost everyday if you like! On the left you can choose the kind of dress, the color, the size.

And if you have to make some present to you husband, father oìr friend have a look at the part reserved for the men to get some ideas!

BerryLook was a total discover for me. The site is really clear to use, easy  because everythind is divided in the correct way. There are many articles but you can choose the right one for you in a easy way.