mercoledì 27 giugno 2018

My favourites setting powders

Do you like setting powders? Since few months I have discovered them and so I'm so happy using and trying a lot of setting powders. 
I started looking for videos of Youtubers who use powder to understand a little the types and methods of use that could be more suitable for me.

I found amazing setting powders reviews about some products so I would like to write you about them.
A good powder for me must be easy to apply, so the first thing I look for is comfort: free powder powders I like very much and I find that many excellent powders are in powder free.
But packaging is often annoying to use because the fineness and dustiness of the product make sure that when you open them the dust flows everywhere. For this reason I tend to prefer compact powders that are certainly more practical to apply with a brush.
The tool for applying face powder is also important. I prefer a big brush with synthetic bristles with which to dust the whole face. Sometimes they are in the packages of quilts with which to apply the product but I've never found it well.

There are many and many setting powders I've tried and I would like to show you the best ones:
1. Derma Blend: it is a very fine powder, with an exceptional resistance (16 hours) and an opaque finish that lasts a long time. The neutral color allows it to adapt to any complexion and makes it truly a performing product;
2. Laura Mercier: the lady of powders, with a decidedly high cost but with an exceptional yield. Guarantees a perfect and bright finish, very pleasant to see. It can be applied with extreme simplicity and is a very famous and very sold high perfumery product. Used by the most famous make up artists and Youtuber.
3. Aesthetica banana loose powder: the banana powder is very famous all over the world, very fashionable in recent times when the baking has come more and more to light the art of powdering the face to minimize pores and make the porcelain skin. The banana powder makes the complexion luminous thanks to the very light yellow color. Fine, impalpable, perfect to set the eye contour and give just light.
4. Aesthetica translucent powder: for a wonderful luminous finish as it is so fashionable at this time, a very delicate, high-performance and very effective powder. Cruelty free and vegan. Suitable for all skin types.
5. Nars light reflecting loosing powder: one of the powder powders free that I think are top. I bought it in formanto minisize thanks to a kit and I can really say that it is exceptional. Very fine and impalpable, transparent. It really creates a luminous effect that varies according to the type of light thanks to the micro-pigments present in it, but on the face it is really natural.
6. Kat Von D lock it setting powder: last arrived in my collection make up always and thanks to the minisize. Really excellent, also impalpable and performing!
I hope this post could have been useful to you, which one did you try?