lunedì 17 dicembre 2018

Shopping on FashionMia

In these days of holidays I just wanted to buy something new to dress during evenings in family or with friends. I had a look at FashionMia and foud nice things to wear. The prices are good, often with discounts and there are many offers. It's very easy easy to buy on this site: you can choose the size because there are tables helèing you to find your size succesfully, you can choose the colour between a wide range. And you can find so many things you don't even know! There are different section you can find also accessories. 
I had a look at sexy skater dresses and I fall in love with two models:

Round Neck Cutout Vertical Striped Belt Midi Skater Dress

This one is very very elegant: you can wear with shoes like that and make a great evening dress! I like this colour but there is also in red, blue and even in yellow.

Round Neck  Belt Decorative Button  Plain Skater Dress

And what about this one? I think it's absolutely great for colour and shape.

I also had a look at women's outerwear. There are all kind of jackets you can wear and I love them. One of them is very very nice and I think I will buy it as soon as I can...

Lapel  Slit Pocket  Plain  Batwing Sleeve  Long Sleeve Coats

What do you think about it? I really see it's very elegant!

Lapel Plain Pocket Longline Woolen Coat

And what about this coat? It is available in three colors (red, green and black. The red one is the best in my opinion, I like it so much. You can find the measure of the shoulders, bust, lenght and sleeve in inches so you can understand if it fits you or not. As you can see and as I told you there are often discounts: in this case there is 30% discount so you have to pay only 27,79 €. The nice thing is that the prices are all in euros so it's easier for us to understand how much we have to pay. The shipping is worldwide and it's free on orders over 79 $. Return is free within 30 days. And if you have problems the customer service is open 24 hours for 7 days a week. When you chose an article the site would show you articles correlated so you can see similar things and choose for your best. 

domenica 16 dicembre 2018

Shopping for babies on Popreal

Hi everybody! As may of you know I become mother for the second time since one month, so now I'm looking for some nice dresses for my new baby on internet. So I'm serching for newborn baby boy clothes sets and I fell in love with these products.

Bow Tie Decorated Suit Vest Trouser Sets

This suit is so nice that I was really entusiastic about it! Very very particular, you can choose into three different colours and it's easy to find the size. I chose this one in color caramel, because it's smart. 
The quality of the materials it's good and it's easy also to navigate on the site.

And what about this one for this period.....I LOVE IT!
But I also have a baby girl who is 4 years old who is crazy for dressing!! So I had a look at newborn baby girl clothes and there are great offers and nice dresses. I had a look with her and she chose some nice things.

Reindeer Pattern Plaid Top Trouser Sets

This is perfect for this period and she has the school party for Christmas so she wanted to dress something new! I also wanted to buy something for the holidays for me and here you are

I think this is a very nice set, you can wear it also in other period apart from Christmas. And another funny present is this set for all my family

Christmas Reindeer Pattern Color Block Family Pajamas

Don't you think it is very funny...this will be a surprise . 
So what do you think about these products, please let me know.

venerdì 23 novembre 2018

Wedding dresses on Su Zhou Dress

In April one of my best friend will marry, so she is giving a look on the web to have some ideas about  wonderful wedding dresses.
She visited the site SuZhouDress, where you can find cheap wedding dresses but made of good quality and very very nice. 

Glamorous Long Sleeves Flowers Wedding Dresses | 2018 Beadings Bridal Ball Gowns BC0151

There are also sexy wedding dresses. I liked these ones because they are sexy but also portable and I think it's important for a bride.  

Sexy Mermaid Spaghetti Straps Wedding Dresses | 2018 Lace Open Back Bridal Gowns EN0025Luxury Sheer Muslim Cathedral Train 2018 Crystal Beading Vintage Lace Wedding Dress BA6920

As you can see they are all very very beautiful, it's also easy to find the right measure for you. All of them have a different range of colour you can choose when you select the dress: this is quite strange for wedding dresses but  I think it's great, because today the bride is not only dressed in white but also with other colors.
You can also choose the shipping method and it tells you how much does it takes to arrive at your home; it's also very clear the return policy that is important when you buy a product like this on line. The quality is guaranteed and you can also have a look at the reviews people wrote about the dresses.

Glamorous Long Sleeves Flowers Wedding Dresses | 2019 Beadings Bridal Ball Gowns BC0151

This is my favourite one: it seems coming out from a dream, really! What do you think about that? Have you gìhad a look at the most glamorous wedding dresses? Let me know something more about your dreaming dresses....

venerdì 16 novembre 2018

Su Zhou Dress and the Black Friday

Black Friday is coming and a lot of offers too! I had a look at SuZhouDress and its site and I found a lot of offers on many kind of dresses. It is one of of the most important site about dresses and accessories you can find: here there are a lot of  prom dresses and you can easily chose the right one for you.

This cheap prom dress for example is very very nice and you can wear in many occasion: 

Elegant Pink High Neck Lace Evening Dresses | Sheath Long Sleeves Evening Dress 2019

If you are looking for sexy prom dresses you can have a look here and you can find examples like this one:

Ruffles Backless Navy Blue Evening Dresses 2019 | Mermaid Sleeveless Sexy Prom Dresses Cheap

So here you are the many offers of Suzhoudress  and don't forget to have a look for the Black Friday!

venerdì 19 ottobre 2018

Shopping on LUVYLE

I would like to talk about a nice shop I had a look at searching for some pretty dresses: Luvyle! Have you ever heard about it? There are many offers, discounts and a large average of dresses. You can also find shoes.
I liked a couple of dresses: 

crew neck  asymmetric hem  plain  short sleeve bodycon dresses

This one is very very nice in my opinion, I liked the color and the shape. The size are normal as in Italy (xs, s, m, l, xl) and you have also other indication like the season in which you can use it, the lenght, the occasion.

high neck  asymmetric hem  belt  plain maxi dresses

This one is also very nice too. It is one size, color beige, very nice for occasions.
I was also looking for some women's bottoms and fortunately a lot of them have great discount. 
This is the model I liked, with 36% discount, in different colours.
 You also have indications about the legs and vestibility.

slim leg belt plain pants

And which are your favorite dresses on Luvyle?

venerdì 21 settembre 2018

Do you know BerryLook?

The autumn is almost arrived , so which is the best thing to do to afford the sadness of telling goodbye to the summer? Doing some shopping! I'm sure it could be a great cure. 
I ha d a look to one site which sells a lot of articles: dresses, accessories, shoes, both for men and women. I found many nice things and I just wanted to show you some of them. Its name is BerryLook.
Forst of all I was looking for a new fashion hoodies, just to stay very comfortable during these evenigs at home. Isn't nice to wear a warm hoodie when you go back at home? The prices are very interesting : there are a lot of discounts, there are many models you can choose, I fall in love with an hoodie with a cat printed on it, all in black. And I also loved one made all in velvet, in a beautiful green. Look at this one how nice is!

Round Neck  Printed  Long Sleeve Sweatshirts

And this one must be comfortable too!
Hooded  Patch Pocket Snap Front  Plain Hoodies

In this period I need a pair of boot. So I had a look in the section women's fashion boots and tried to get some inspiration. Also in this case the prices are very good and there are a loto of boots you can choose. You can use the size chart so you can get the right number for you; there are also different kinds of colour.
I fell in love with these...

Plain  Chunky  Low Heeled  Criss Cross  Round Toe  Casual Flat Boots
But also these in grey are very very nice.
Plain  Flat  Round Toe  Casual Date Outdoor Flat Boots
And if you want to dream you must really see the romantic dresses: they are so beautiful! Non the usual dresses nice but that you cannot wear in every occasion. Here there are wonderful dresses, very very romantic, you can use almost everyday if you like! On the left you can choose the kind of dress, the color, the size.

And if you have to make some present to you husband, father oìr friend have a look at the part reserved for the men to get some ideas!

BerryLook was a total discover for me. The site is really clear to use, easy  because everythind is divided in the correct way. There are many articles but you can choose the right one for you in a easy way. 

mercoledì 27 giugno 2018

My favourites setting powders

Do you like setting powders? Since few months I have discovered them and so I'm so happy using and trying a lot of setting powders. 
I started looking for videos of Youtubers who use powder to understand a little the types and methods of use that could be more suitable for me.

I found amazing setting powders reviews about some products so I would like to write you about them.
A good powder for me must be easy to apply, so the first thing I look for is comfort: free powder powders I like very much and I find that many excellent powders are in powder free.
But packaging is often annoying to use because the fineness and dustiness of the product make sure that when you open them the dust flows everywhere. For this reason I tend to prefer compact powders that are certainly more practical to apply with a brush.
The tool for applying face powder is also important. I prefer a big brush with synthetic bristles with which to dust the whole face. Sometimes they are in the packages of quilts with which to apply the product but I've never found it well.

There are many and many setting powders I've tried and I would like to show you the best ones:
1. Derma Blend: it is a very fine powder, with an exceptional resistance (16 hours) and an opaque finish that lasts a long time. The neutral color allows it to adapt to any complexion and makes it truly a performing product;
2. Laura Mercier: the lady of powders, with a decidedly high cost but with an exceptional yield. Guarantees a perfect and bright finish, very pleasant to see. It can be applied with extreme simplicity and is a very famous and very sold high perfumery product. Used by the most famous make up artists and Youtuber.
3. Aesthetica banana loose powder: the banana powder is very famous all over the world, very fashionable in recent times when the baking has come more and more to light the art of powdering the face to minimize pores and make the porcelain skin. The banana powder makes the complexion luminous thanks to the very light yellow color. Fine, impalpable, perfect to set the eye contour and give just light.
4. Aesthetica translucent powder: for a wonderful luminous finish as it is so fashionable at this time, a very delicate, high-performance and very effective powder. Cruelty free and vegan. Suitable for all skin types.
5. Nars light reflecting loosing powder: one of the powder powders free that I think are top. I bought it in formanto minisize thanks to a kit and I can really say that it is exceptional. Very fine and impalpable, transparent. It really creates a luminous effect that varies according to the type of light thanks to the micro-pigments present in it, but on the face it is really natural.
6. Kat Von D lock it setting powder: last arrived in my collection make up always and thanks to the minisize. Really excellent, also impalpable and performing!
I hope this post could have been useful to you, which one did you try?

lunedì 26 marzo 2018

Diventare estetista: tutto quello che c'è sa sapere

Quando andiamo dall’estetista desideriamo un professionista competente in materia,
qualcuno con alle spalle una formazione professionale.
Che sia per una depilazione o per un trattamento specifico vogliamo affidarci a mani esperte
che migliorino e curino il nostro aspetto, così da uscire dal centro soddisfatti e perché no,
anche un po’ più belli!

Dalla pulizia del viso, all’epilazione, fino ai trattamenti specifici, l’estetista professionista
ha una conoscenza a 360 gradi di tutto l’universo dei trattamenti di bellezza.
Si occupa perciò di concordare con il suo cliente l’azione estetica più opportuna,
facendo una valutazione della pelle ed effettuandone anche un’analisi.
È una figura senza dubbio empatica, capace di mettere a proprio agio la persona che si rivolge a lei,
e in grado di affrontare ogni tipologia di situazione con professionalità e riguardo.
Tutte queste competenze vanno apprese, così da esercitare al meglio la professione.
Perciò, chiunque voglia lavorare come estetista deve qualificarsi attraverso un percorso di formazione.

Quindi come si diventa estetista?

Vediamo in che modo si può ottenere la qualifica.

Una prima possibilità è quella di essere impiegati con contratto di apprendistato in un centro estetico,
per poi lavorare almeno un anno a tempo pieno presso una realtà del settore estetico,
e infine seguire un corso di formazione della propria regione di 300 ore.

Un altro modo consiste nell’essere assunti come dipendenti in un’impresa del settore
per un periodo non inferiore ai 3 anni, e successivamente seguire un corso di 300 ore,
come nel caso precedente.

Altrimenti si può frequentare un corso di estetista di 2 anni
che rilascia la qualifica e poi, se si vuole, conseguire una specializzazione,
attraverso un ulteriore anno di corso di formazione.

Esistono allora due tipologie di estetista: l’estetista qualificata e l’estetista specializzata:

  • per diventare estetista qualificata bisogna frequentare un corso di due anni; al termine ci sarà un esame da superare in modo da ottenere la certificazione per essere idonei allo svolgimento della professione. Il corso è strutturato in 900 ore per anno, più 630 ore di stage;
  • se ci si vuole specializzare è necessario seguire un altro anno di corso (900 ore),oppure si può svolgere un tirocinio di un anno in un centro estetico. Anche in questo caso, al termine, ci sarà da sostenere un esame per ottenere l’attestato di estetista specializzata.

Come abbiamo visto, ci sono più modi per diventare estetista.
Senza dubbio per le più giovani è consigliato seguire il percorso dei due anni di corso,
più l’eventuale anno di specializzazione.

Se vuoi diventare estetista,
ti consiglio di dare uno sguardo a questo sito per trovare il miglior corso estetista nella tua regione.

martedì 27 febbraio 2018

Vi presento il sito Manzara: abiti, accessori e molto altro...

Mi capita spesso di cercare qualche capo di abbigliamento originale in rete e di cercare l'idea per un look diverso dal solito. Di recente mi sono imbattuta in uno shop per me del tutto nuovo, Manzara (cliccando sul logo in alto sarete reindirizzati direttamente al negozio on line).
La scelta in termini è molto vasta e davvero avrete l'imbarazzo a trovare i capi che più vi piacciono. La mia "fissazione" del periodo sono gli abiti eleganti, soprattutto quelle un pò particolari, con dei dettagli che facciano la differenza. Su Manzara ci sono abiti di ogni tipo: eleganti, jumpsuit, da cerimonia, abiti mini. E inoltre è presente già la collezione estiva, il che non guasta per chi, come me, ha poco tempo e parte sempre in anticipo nella scelta dei capi.
Potete trovare molte sezioni interessanti

Questi sono alcuni esempi di abiti che mi sono piaciuti davvero subito:

Un abito molto semplice, in cui il colore fa la differenza: le taglie sono molto chiare e direi universalmente riconosciute, i prezzi davvero competitivi. Questo abito costa 29,90.
Altrettanto valida al sezione delle tute eleganti: tantissime tute di ogni tipiologia, è un capo che sta tornando di moda e che io trovo estremamente comodo.

Il sito è chiaro e facilmente accessibile; io mi sono iscritta alla newsletter per avere tutte le informazioni del caso e le novità: inoltre vi è un servizio clienti molto efficiente. Credo che a breve farò un acquisto in modo da potervi dare la mia opinione più completa! Le spedizioni sono gratuite oltre i 50 euro, la merce arriva in 1-4 giorni lavorativi e se qualcosa non vi va potete cambiare i capi entro 14 giorni. Ho trovato molto interessante anche la sezione con le plus size e quella con i costumi di Carnevale!
Altra sezione davvero utile è quella degli accessori: borse, portafogli, cappelli, cinture, sciarpe, gioielli ed orologi di molti tipi e fatture; partiamo dalle borse, una delle mie passioni...ce ne sono tantissime, di prezzo conveniente e dai molteplici modelli: grandi, come piacciono a me, per metterci di tutto e di più, oppure più piccole, tipo pochette. Anche i gioielli presenti sono molto interessanti: ci sono alcune collane a più fili, sottili e come vanno di moda adesso che ho trovato davvero carine.
Infine gli orologi, di cui uno in particolare mi ha colpito perchè è colorato, mi fa pensare alla primavera ed è molto particolare! E voi, avete mai acquistato da Manzara? Sono curiosa di sapere le vostre impressioni!

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